Glass sculptures are created using a variety of crushed glass or layered glass on a shelf specially desiged to be fired in a kiln to temps well over 1000 degrees. This allows the glass to fuse. The high temperatures also bring out designs and colors that reflect light brilliantly indoors or out. After the glass has been fired and cooled, the final step is to form the glass piece into different shapes such as sculpture bowls and vases. 

Glass sculptures are made using thin layers of glass or glass powders artfully arranged or painted on a kiln shelf and fired to temperatures about 1400 degrees. The glass is then cooled very slowly so that the it becomes strong on a molecular level. After the glass is cool enough to touch it is removed from the kiln and another layer is added and the glass is returned to the kiln again to be fired so that the glass layers fuse to each other and become one piece.  This process of adding glass can happen 2 to 5 times until the artist feels the sculpture is completed. After the final firing the glass will be "cold worked" which means it is cleaned, cut and sanded with diamond grinders and saws. This "cold working" is in preparation for the cut glass to be returned to the kiln for what is known as a "fire polish" so that the glass surface becomes smooth and shiny. This final step is also the time that the glass is formed into different shapes such as bowls and vases. 

This piece of sculpture art is made with white, vanilla and blue glass with pure silver to create some chaos in color reactions in the kiln.   It measures approx. 7" high and 6" across.

Blue River Glass Sculpture

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