Glass pendants are made using thin layers of glass arranged on a kiln shelf and fired to temperatures over 1400 degrees so that the glass fuses and becomes one piece. 

This piece was made with thin sheets of blues, yellows, green, whites, and clear glass that were artfully arrnaged and fused , cooled then cut up and re arranged and fused and cooled two more times.  Each time this process happened in the kiln, the heat of almost 1500 degrees  allowed the glass to fold and mix in unique ways that had amazing results. These are truly unique art pieces to joyfully wear. This particular piece measures .75" wide and 2.5" tall. It has a copper bail and comes with a 16" black leather cord.



  • Each piece of glass art is packaged with special care and will include insurance for protection against loss. 

  • If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the glass art purchase, I will happily accept the returned, undamaged art and give a refund minus shipping costs.