Glass cabochons are made using thin layers of glass artfully arranged on a kiln shelf and fired to temperatures over 1400 degrees. The glass is then cooled very slowly so that the it becomes strong on a molecular level. After the glass is cool enough to touch it is removed from the kiln to be "cold worked" which means it is cleaned, cut and sanded with diamond grinders and saws. This "cold working" is in preparation for the cut glass to be returned to the kiln for what is known as a "fire polish" so that the glass surface becomes smooth and shiny. 

This glass piece was made with dichroic glass reflecting gold, green, and blue colors.

This piece measures 1" wide and 1.5" long.  The bracelet is quality silver plated copper and fits wrists approx 6.5" to 7.5". As it is silver it must be gently plied to put on and take off and cleaned regularly to keep the silver shining brightly. Something to consider - keep silver in plastic bags when not being worn to preserve the silver shine. 

Silver Plated Cuff Bracelet

  • Each piece of glass art is packaged with special care and will include insurance for protection against loss. 

  • If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the glass art purchase, I will happily accept the returned, undamaged art and give a refund minus shipping costs.